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Yes, hardwood flooring is gorgeous, long-lasting, and offers a ton of bang in your greenback. But even the pleasant hardwood floors have boundaries. While hardwood can be the caviar of the flooring world, there are heaps of “fake wooden flooring” options which are, in many instances, simply as right as the actual factor.

Look, we’re no longer going to BS you here. Hardwood is amazing. But there are masses of programs it’s not proper for. And for many humans, its price range can be a trouble. So even though “fake wood” or “faux-wood” is every so often used to disparage a product, we’re here to cease that stigma.

Below, we’re going to speak about 7 fake timber flooring options that offer the appearance of timber, however with a ton of added blessings. We’ll even take you thru some sorts of wooden floors that aren’t actual wooden in any respect.

Fake timber flooring doesn’t imply reasonably-priced or unrealistic, so depart your biases at the door—and allow’s soar in!

#1. Laminate: Durable & Affordable

Laminate was as soon as idea of as a decrease-quit floors product. But in recent times, that couldn’t be in addition from the reality. The authentic “fake wood flooring” (it’s been around since the ‘70s) is tough, low priced, and might imitate many extraordinary sorts of flooring. And it has heaps of particular benefits, too.

What’s laminate floors manufactured from?

What is laminate flooring? It’s a composite floor that’s normally composed of 3 layers:

A rigid plywood or fiberboard base layer for shape.A image-practical picture layer that may mimic just about something.A “put on layer” (basically a awesome durable coating) for added scratch safety.

For fake wooden laminate floors, the photo layer consists of a wooden grain sample.

Laminate floors is extra less expensive than hardwood floors

When we’re evaluating laminate vs. hardwood flooring, we’ve got to say that you surely can’t beat laminate’s price! It can start as little as $1 in keeping with square foot (though it can move plenty higher relying at the product).

If the value of changing carpet with hardwood turns your stomach, laminate can offer an incredible, inexpensive alternative.

Installing laminate floors is simple

If you want to learn how to replace floors, laminate is a wonderful area to start. Laminate planks regularly come as “click on-together” or “snap-collectively” floors, which may be established on pinnacle of present surfaces without the use of glue or nails. Solid hardwood flooring generally doesn’t come with this selection.

Laminate is a exquisite fake wood flooring for high-site visitors regions

Laminate’s wear layer does what it says: it protects against put on, such as scuffs, scratches, and dents. It’s no surprise that you can discover this form of faux wooden floors in excessive-traffic areas wherein hardwood shouldn’t be hooked up—like mudrooms or front entryways.

While no longer absolutely water-resistant, laminate will frequently maintain up better than hardwood against drippy rain boots, grit, and dirt.

Laminate is a child- and pet-pleasant fake wooden flooring choice

Toys, dirt, and various forms of “puddles” have a tendency to be a commonplace subject among each pets and kids. So take that under consideration whilst you’re selecting the forms of flooring you want to use in your own home!

While you may be selecting among carpet vs. laminate flooring on your children’ (or fur-youngsters’) play area, recollect this: laminate will resist stains higher, it’s less difficult to smooth, and it gives a fashion that looks as if excessive-end wooden.

And these days, you can even get water-proof laminate floors

Seriously! Laminate isn’t simply terrific durable, lovely, and low cost—in recent times, it is able to even be water resistant. Products like Mohawk’s RevWood have in reality modified the game with regards to what laminate flooring can do.

#2. Engineered Hardwood: Real Fake Wood

Okay, so engineered hardwood isn’t simply a faux timber ground at all. But humans do have a tendency to name it that. What they definitely mean is that engineered hardwood isn’t similar to solid hardwood flooring.

What is engineered hardwood? How is it made?

Engineered hardwood is one of the two principal sorts of wooden flooring. It’s made through layering a skinny veneer of strong hardwood over high-density fiberboard or rigid plywood. Engineered hardwood tends to have a barely thinner profile than strong hardwood as nicely.

Engineered hardwood isn’t absolutely fake wooden floors. It is real timber.

Engineered wood is similar in rate, durability, maintenance, and flexibility to stable wood. It’s a form of “fake wooden floors” that’s not simply close to the real component—it’s miles the actual issue.

Nearly all of the exceptional hardwood floor brands promote engineered timber in addition to strong. Plus, engineered options can be some of the most durable wood flooring round. In truth, we’d venture to mention that some of the satisfactory hardwood flooring in general are manufactured from engineered wood.

Suffice to mention that engineered timber disadvantages are few and a ways among.

Solid wood vs. engineered hardwood: are you able to inform the distinction?

If you don’t inform your guests that you mounted engineered hardwood, they’ll haven’t any idea it’s no longer the “actual issue.” Even in case you don’t opt for the quality engineered wood floors on the market, it offers the precise identical appearance and snug underfoot feeling that strong wood is known for. We won’t say something in case you don’t!

Plus, engineered wooden floors can expenses less

Love the look of an exotic hardwood species—mahogany or teak, for example—however running on a budget? Go with engineered hardwood!

Because it makes use of much less solid cloth, it can bring the fee all the way down to a extra low cost degree. Exotic timber floor designs at a reduction? Yes please.

And engineered hardwood may be simpler to put in, too

As with laminate, many sorts of engineered hardwood floors are made with an interlocking tongue-and-groove machine called “snap-collectively” or “click-together flooring”. This lowers the price to install engineered hardwood flooring considerably.

#three. Vinyl Plank (aka LVT): Tough, Low-maintenance, & Waterproof

As with any cloth, there are blessings and downsides of vinyl floors. But if you’re seeking out a fake timber flooring choice that’ll in shape just about every want, vinyl plank (aka LVT) is the manner to move!

The material has come a protracted manner since it turned into popularized in the mid-20th century and is now one of the maximum versatile and low-protection floors sorts obtainable.

What is vinyl plank/LVT flooring?

There are many specific types of vinyl flooring, from the conventional sheet vinyl of yesteryear to fashionable vinyl plank. These days, people frequently use the phrases “vinyl plank” and “LVT” (which stands for “luxury vinyl tile”) interchangeably.

Whatever you choose to call it, this material is the first-rate kind of vinyl floors to mimic the appearance and feel of wood.

What is vinyl plank flooring made from?

Vinyl plank is, at its middle, a kind of PVC flooring. And like laminate, vinyl planks typically include a robust base layer, a layout layer, and a shielding wear layer.

But in contrast to many varieties of laminate flooring, plenty of vinyl floors additionally boast texturing that feels just like real timber!

Some of the fine vinyl plank flooring manufacturers reap this the usage of 3-D printing, at the same time as others use EIR (embossed-in-sign up) strategies.

This is wherein the road among actual and faux timber flooring starts to blur—and wherein the vinyl plank vs. laminate debate begins to desire vinyl.

Vinyl plank is a value-powerful faux timber ground

While hardwood floors can fee $three to $10 consistent with square foot before installation (and extra for amazing wood species), vinyl tends to be one of the greater less expensive hardwood floor alternatives.

If you’re running on a price range like a lot of us are, you’ll be happy to examine that the value to install vinyl plank flooring is typically between $1 and $8 consistent with square foot.

Vinyl plank/LVT is reasonably-priced and clean to put in

Just like laminate and engineered timber, LVT typically comes as click-collectively floors. Also known as a “floating floor” (as it’s not attached to the subfloor), vinyl plank can likewise be set up over present surfaces.

This makes it one of the simplest forms of floors to put in (much extra so than stable hardwood). Translation: there are a few disadvantages of floating flooring, but set up is not one in every of them.

Vinyl plank is long lasting, waterproof, and might go where hardwood can’t

Looking for water-resistant wood flooring options for moist or moisture-inclined regions of your house?

Wondering what the quality ground to your kitchen is? Want to realize what ground to put in your basement or toilet? Vinyl plank, toddler.

While hardwood floors can swell and distort in areas with excessive humidity or moisture, you can place vinyl simply everywhere. And since it’s completely artificial, it’s fairly durable.

LVT//vinyl plank is easy to easy

If you’re concerned approximately preserving your new flooring, vinyl plank floors is a first-rate desire. It can be swept or vacuumed day by day (don’t forget to apply the bare floor placing) and not like most kinds of wooden flooring, wet mopping is no hassle for vinyl. It’s water resistant, recollect?

And low-VOC vinyl plank options do exist

If low-VOC floors is a priority for you, we absolutely understand. The VOCs (risky natural compounds) which might be emitted from some low-nice vinyl flooring may be risky to you and your own family’s health.

Luckily, low-VOC vinyl floors options do exist, if you recognize where to appearance. Proximity Mills, as an example, best sells merchandise which are FloorScore-certified as low in VOCs.

So whilst vinyl plank might not be the most eco-friendly floors inside the international, there’s a huge difference between the high-quality vinyl plank floors manufacturers and the lower-end merchandise sold at your neighborhood field shop.

#4. Wood-Look Tile: The Best of Both Worlds

Wood-appearance tile might be the answer for your tile vs. wood ground catch 22 situation! This type of faux timber flooring is prized for its sturdiness, ease of preservation, and sustainable traits.

What is wood-look tile? Tile that looks like timber, basically.

The most self-explanatory faux wood floors choice round, wooden-appearance tile is absolutely tile with the advent of wooden.

These styles of floor tiles are generally made from ceramic or porcelain, and the wood grain is normally implemented with excessive-decision printing.

You may be thinking: “gained’t printed timber appearance high-quality fake?” Nope!

These tiles use scanned pix of real wood. The extra “faces,” or precise wooden images in step with lot, the fewer repeats you’ll see. And of route, higher variation manner a greater practical and less fake wood floors alternative.

Wood-appearance tile is easy to keep

Porcelain tile is #1 on our listing of most long lasting flooring alternatives for a cause! Tile’s tough, dense composition resists scratches, scuffs, and chips.

And like many different types of tile, wooden-look may be wiped clean with mild detergents and water. Hardwood flooring, alternatively, indicates put on, requires wood-particular cleaners, and should from time to time be refinished.

Plus: the fee to refinish hardwood flooring isn’t always cheap. That’s something you don’t need to worry approximately with timber-appearance tile.

Wood-look tile is stain-resistant and water-resistant

If you’re considering any kind of faux wooden floors, you’ll need to take into account where you propose to put in it. For example, in case you’re taking into account tile vs. laminate, you ought to recognise that timber-appearance tile is a more water-proof alternative.

Porcelain tile is likewise essentially non-porous, and therefore greater immune to staining as compared to stable hardwood. This is an first-rate first-class for kitchens or anywhere else you may spill your (third) glass of crimson wine.

Not that we’d recognise something approximately that.

Tile is a sustainable faux wood flooring cloth

Unlike some other forms of fake wood flooring, maximum varieties of tile emit no VOCs, that could have a poor impact on indoor air nice. If you’re the “move inexperienced” kind, you’ll additionally be satisfied to recognise that wood-look tile may be recycled at unique centers on the give up of its lifetime!

#five. Bamboo: “Fake Wood Flooring” That’s Actually a Grass

We simply couldn’t will let you pass without citing a couple of exquisite kinds of wood flooring that aren’t honestly wood at all! Organic faux wooden flooring, all people?

What is bamboo floors manufactured from?

So: bamboo. There is so much to like about bamboo. It’s no marvel that we’re seeing extra bamboo floors than ever! While bamboo looks and acts nearly precisely like timber, bamboo is honestly one among the biggest participants of the grass own family.

Bamboo floors is sustainable

Bamboo is regularly considered one of the most environmentally-friendly flooring options, as it can grow to maturity in only three to 5 years. Compare that to hardwood trees that may take over forty years before they’re prepared to harvest!

Just do not forget, the pleasant bamboo flooring for the surroundings will constantly be certified by means of the Forest Stewardship Council or a comparable 0.33 celebration. Beware of non-certified bamboo—it is able to be illegally or unsustainably harvested.

And the patterns this fake timber floors is available in are limitless

The varieties and types of bamboo are endless and consist of strand-woven, horizontal, vertical, or even engineered bamboo floors (study up on engineered bamboo flooring professionals and cons for more information on that).

You can end your bamboo on-web page, or buy it with its stain already implemented like you may with prefinished hardwood floors. You may even refinish bamboo flooring like you may with hardwood! There are such a lot of things that make bamboo a superb fake wooden flooring desire.

#6. Cork: “Fake Wood Flooring” Made of Tree Bark

Cork flooring genuinely comes from cork trees… however right here’s the crazy component—you don’t ought to reduce the tree down to harvest it.

Instead, cork is harvested from the bark of cork o.k., and a number of the satisfactory cork flooring is produced from remnants of bark that became honestly harvested to make wine corks. So there’s very, very little waste.

Won’t cork flooring simply collapse?

Nope. Cork is surely self-repairing, which makes it one of the high-quality sorts of scratch-resistant floors if you have dogs or youngsters. Plus, it’s manufactured in this kind of manner which you’ll get lots of years from your cork flooring—even the cork floors from Lowe’s and Home Depot that’s of questionable first-class.

What makes cork this kind of exact floor?

In addition to being a greater sustainable floors choice, cork flooring is clearly mould and mold-resistant. Plus, it’s so easy at the joints, it could even provide you with a touch spring in the doorstep. Your local flooring supply can offer extremely good insights into this exquisite flooring option, and we propose you take a look at out a number of the professionals and cons of cork floors.

Where are you able to placed cork floors?

If you’ve got concrete subflooring or a tough underlayment, cork flooring can cross anywhere—because its softness absolutely allows out together with your joints!

Likewise, it’s a extremely good answer for human beings debating between placing carpet or hardwood inside the bedroom, on the grounds that it is able to provide the look of timber with the softness of carpet. Are there negative aspects of cork flooring? Sure. But in our opinion, they’re a long way outweighed by way of the positives.

#7. Hemp: A Revolutionary Faux Wood Flooring OptionCourtesy of Ecohome.internet

Yes, you read that right. Hemp flooring is one of the most modern faux wood floors products in the marketplace. Also known as “hemp hardwood”, it’s a durable, lovely, green floors choice. What’s not to like?

How is hemp wood made?

Hemp wooden is made by way of binding hemp stalks (legal to grow within the United States when you consider that 2018) with a soy-based resin. This fabric is then cut into extraordinarily long lasting (and excellent) 1/8-inch thick veneers. Like a number of the excellent engineered wooden floors options available on the market, those veneers are then bonded to first rate plywood and finished.

What makes hemp such an eco-friendly faux wood flooring option?

As a member of the grass circle of relatives, hemp is speedy-developing—honestly fast-developing. In fact, hemp can develop from a seed to a harvest-prepared stalk in as low as one hundred twenty days. Compare that to the a long time it takes for hardwoods like alrightto develop to maturity!

Additionally, hemp absorbs 4x more carbon than bushes do thru a technique called “carbon sequestration”. And hemp floors produces more floors according to acre than a forest does!

How durable is hemp floors?

The hardness of timber is generally measured by way of some thing called the Janka scale. Some of the hardest varieties of timber flooring inside the international have Janka scores of 3000 or more. But the flooring enterprise general for hardness is oak, which measures a completely decent 1300 or so.

Hemp wood floors measures a whopping 2750 at the Janka scale. That’s more than two times as tough as oak!

Who makes hemp flooring?

Right now, Kentucky-based Fibonacci LLC is the only mainstream manufacturer of hemp flooring inside the United States. However, we’ve seen more and more mentions of it pop up, so be sure to ask your local flooring store what they recognise approximately the arena of hemp flooring!

Conclusion: All of These Fake Wood Flooring Options are Excellent

Fake timber floors has come a long manner for the reason that early days, and it’s getting harder and tougher to tell the difference among the quality hardwood floors and their greater less costly alternatives.

What’s the first-rate fake wooden flooring for you? That depends! Whether you want the actual timber experience of engineered hardwood, the sturdiness of timber-look tile, the DIY ease of laminate, or the versatility of vinyl, there’s virtually no awful choice.

Where can I locate fake wooden flooring?

No matter which of these superb floors alternatives pastimes you, a neighborhood flooring professional is your best wager to locate the best flooring healthy. Check out a flooring shop close to you to get a advice and quote nowadays.

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