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STARWOOD floor tiles PORCELANOSA Luxury home decor

If you are attempting to decide between getting tile that seems like wooden or herbal timber, this is where you could discover the solution. We are going to head over the details of faux wooden tiles and assist you figure out the pros and cons, the one of a kind kinds of tiles you could pick out from, or even a number of the quality manufacturers.

Tile that looks as if wooden offers you the benefits of searching like timber with the smooth-care of tile. If you love the way real wooden appears but do no longer need the trouble of the maintenance that comes with it, you may be satisfied to peer how real the timber-look tile appears. And you do not must worry about it getting wet or being broken like timber.

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What is Tile That Looks Like Wood?

Also known as tile that looks as if wooden, wood grain tile, or wood-appearance tile. These tiles come in ceramic or porcelain and they give you the advantages of tile with the look of wooden. It is greater durable and much less highly-priced than actual wood.

You can get tile that looks as if wooden in all special shapes, but it most often is available in planks, supporting it look greater like real timber. Porcelain may be utilized in kitchens and bathrooms, wherein you will in no way be capable of have real wooden flooring earlier than.

The Benefits of Tile That Looks Like Wood

One of the maximum famous reasons that human beings choose tile that looks like wooden in preference to actual wood is because of the fact that it’s miles waterproof. That way you could apply it to any floor within the house, or even outdoor the residence. Here are some of the opposite important blessings of tile that looks as if wooden.

There Is A Larger Variety of Colors and Styles

You can literally get heaps of different styles, colours, and textures of tile that seems like wood. In fact, with the new technology, you may pick the timber grain you like despite the fact that it has not been made yet. Just take a picture of the timber you want to mimic, and they could use their 3-D inkjet printer to replicate it for you.

Woodgrain tiles are available extraordinary shapes from long planks to tiny mosaics. Use many distinct sizes and styles collectively to make it appearance terrific and precise. Chevrons, hexagons, and diamonds are just a few of the shapes to choose from. You also can pick out from one of a kind trees like maple, oak, ash, beech, walnut, and even Brazilian cherry.

You need hand-scraped wooden? They can do this. For those uncommon forms of timber like wenge, which comes from Central Africa, or the panga panga, which comes from Eastern Africa, you will pay hundreds more than the standard wooden. And this is if you can even get it. With tile that seems like timber, you can get anything you need.

It Is Much Easier to Take Care Of

Taking care of real wooden floors may be difficult. If you get water on them, you higher easy it up rapid or it may break the wooden. Even if it’s far only a few drips. And it is able to absorb moisture even in case you do no longer spill something on it. Wood is absorbent, so it can soak up even the humidity from that pot of spaghetti you made for dinner.

Another component about hardwood floors is that you have to restain, reseal, or refinish them frequently. You can’t simply let them cross or they’ll grow to be broken from put on and tear. Just from each day use. And in case you scratch it, you may emerge as having to sand the scratch out and restain it.

Cleaning tile that seems like timber is straightforward. You can vacuum it, sweep it, mop it, or whatever else you need to do to clean it. Just giving it a brief damp mopping as soon as a week is just nice. And taking care of it is effortless on the grounds that it’s so long lasting.

You Can Use It Almost Anywhere, Including Outside

Because real timber is tormented by water and moisture, having real wooden floors in kitchens and lavatories has constantly been a no-move. Now, with tile that seems like timber, you can use it everywhere. They even have a few that can be used out of doors at the patio or interior your bathe. Having wooden-look flooring for your bathe might be beautiful.

You Do Not Have to Kill Any Trees to Make It

Because tile is made from clay, you do now not must kill any bushes to make it. For a 2,000-square foot home, you’ll have to kill 24 to 30 bushes! However, processing tile does leave a carbon footprint. But you’ll now not be killing any timber. And you could recycle tile too.

It Is Safer Than Real Wood

Wood will have pollutants like formaldehyde and risky natural compounds (VOCs) that may be dangerous for your fitness. Formaldehyde is generally used within the production system of timber flooring and other treated lumber. This chemical can purpose bronchial asthma, pores and skin inflammation, and respiratory problems.

VOCs also are recognized to be used in the treating method of lumber. Some of the aspect outcomes of VOCs include damage to the apprehensive gadget, kidneys, and liver in addition to complications and nausea. Those with allergies can benefit from wooden-appearance tiles as nicely.

It Is A Lot Less Expensive

Real timber floors can fee among $5 and $25 or greater in step with rectangular foot, relying on what kind you pick. Ceramic tile that seems like wooden ranges from much less than $1 to $12 in step with square foot. That is more than 50% much less than the real wooden. Even if you get the cheapest actual wooden, you will nonetheless be paying more than what ceramic might have fee you.

Tiles Are Recyclable So They Are Easier on The Environment

Not only are the properties in ceramic tiles herbal and abundant, but they are additionally easy to get and to make. This manner fewer resources are used throughout the system. Also, ceramic tiles may be recycled again and again again with out taking far from its integrity.

Wood Look Tile Is More Durable Than Real Wood Floors

Another motive that tile is right for the environment is that it is able to final for as much as 50 years or greater. Tiles are durable and you do no longer need to fear about scratches or dents like you’ll with actual timber floors. They hardly ever ruin if they’re set up efficaciously.

Have you ever visible a wood floor in a home with huge puppies? It isn’t always a quite sight due to all of the scratch marks. You will not need to worry about that with tile that looks like timber. It will now not scratch or dent from regular use or maybe from heavy use.

Tile is Much Quieter

Walking around on a wood ground is a lot louder than with a tile ground. Compare a room full of kids in a room with a timber ground to 1 with tile floor. You will see the distinction. This is due to the fact tile is extra condensed and strong, so noise does no longer echo as a good deal.

The Drawbacks of Tile That Looks Like Wood

The principal criticism about tile that seems like timber is that it is not wood. Because it’s far just now not actual timber. Apparently, there may be sufficient of a difference for some humans to choose timber in place of wood-appearance tile. Here are some of the maximum commonplace drawbacks of tile that looks as if wooden:

Wood Raises Your Home Value

Have you ever visible an advertisement for a domestic that asserts, “real ceramic tile during?” No? That is due to the fact that isn’t a huge selling point. However, seeing an advert that says, “actual timber floors all through” is plenty greater commonplace due to the fact it is more popular. Ceramic tile just does no longer improve the fee of your home as much as real timber flooring do.

The Grout Makes It Look Fake

No count the way you place it, your tiles will need to have grout to maintain them in place. And this makes the ground look much less real. And the grout can start to look dingy or dirty after some time. You will want to smooth it every so often to preserve them from turning dark. If you pick out the proper grout even though, it should be best.

Tile Is Never Completely Flat

No count what kind of tile you pick and from which agency, you will almost usually locate that the tiles are not flat. Hold two portions of tile returned to lower back and you will see the gap. Wood may be reduce and treated so it’s miles perfectly flat.

It Is More Difficult to Install

Installing it can be difficult so that you both should recognize what you’re doing or rent someone else to do it. Cutting the tile efficaciously and matching up the patterns to make it appearance greater sensible should be finished via a expert to get the fine appearance. It additionally takes lots extra time.

Walking and Standing on It Is Not as Comfortable

Because porcelain tile is so hard, it is able to be uncomfortable to stand on for lengthy periods. Wood is a softer material, giving your ft a much easier surface to stand on. However, you could use mats or rugs to make tile extra cushty.

Real Wood Is Not as Slippery as Tile

Tile may be slippery. Even though tile needs to be rated and graded for slipperiness, it is nonetheless always going to be greater slippery than wooden. A rating of R-11 thru R-thirteen need to be used in bathrooms and kitchens or anyplace else there can be water or moisture.

Comparing Them Side with the aid of Side

Tile That Looks Like Wood

Real Wood Floor

Larger variety of colorings and styles

Wood raises your house cost

Easier to take care of

Wood is more comfortable to face on

You can use it anywhere

Tile is by no means flat

No timber are killed

Wood is simpler to put in

Safer than actual timber

Tile grout makes the tile look faux

Much less highly-priced

Real timber isn’t as slippery

Tile is recyclable

Tile is bloodless inside the winter

More durable

Wood is greater true


Wood may be timeless

Available in Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles That Look Like Wood

Another exciting bonus with tile that looks like wood is that it is available inextraordinary substances. Porcelain or ceramic tiles. The differences are not that main on the floor, however allow’s have a look at them both in detail.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is product of clay and other natural substances and fired in a kiln at 2,350 stages Fahrenheit. Compared to ceramic, porcelain uses a good deal greater pure cloth and is fired beneath better temperatures and extra stress. They may be glazed or unglazed, sealed or unsealed, and polished or unpolished.

Also, there arevarieties of porcelain tiles, which might be color-frame and thru-frame. The shade-frame tiles are most effective coloured on top, so you can see the core if they spoil or crack. Through-frame tiles are the equal colour all of the way via making it much less important if they crack or break.

The PEI Class Rating

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rates each porcelain and ceramic tiles with six special scores. These rankings suggest how impervious and tough a tile is. The lowest is a class 0 rating, which isn’t always suitable for any foot traffic with 5 being the high-quality. Porcelain quotes between magnificence 4 and five.

The Water Absorption Rating

Also, porcelain is much less porous and absorbent than ceramic, so it’s miles extra immune to stains. It can be utilized in any room in your house and even out of doors your home. The water absorption fee in porcelain is 0.5 to 3 percentage, making it nice to use in any area.

Cost and Installation

Because of the density and element paintings of porcelain, it is more highly-priced to apply than ceramic. However, it’s miles nevertheless inexpensive than real wooden flooring. Porcelain tiles are $three to $10 in keeping with rectangular foot as compared to $5 to $25 per rectangular foot for actual wooden flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Also product of clay and other natural substances, ceramic tiles are fired in a kiln however no longer with as a great deal pressure and temperatures as porcelain. The common temperature of firing for ceramic is two,one hundred Fahrenheit. Ceramic tiles also come in glazed or unglazed.

The PEI Class Rating

The PEI class score of ceramic tile is usually a zero to a few class in comparison to the 4 or 5 elegance for porcelain. That is why positive ceramic tiles are only used for partitions because the zero score means it isn’t always suitable for any form of foot visitors at all.

The Water Absorption Rating

Although ceramic is greater long lasting than wooden, it is not as robust as porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are in the middle of the 2. They are proof against water and stains, however not as much as porcelain. The water absorption price in ceramic is 3 to 7 percentage.

Cost and Installation

Cutting and installing ceramic tile is not as difficult as with porcelain tile. That means it is easy enough for any owner of a house to do themselves, which can shop a ton of money. And the price of the tiles themselves is most effective approximately a third of what porcelain would fee at $1 to $five in step with rectangular foot.

Different Types of Tile That Looks Like Wood

There are literally limitless kinds of tile to pick from. That is because you can pick out any timber shade, species, and grade. You may even pick the ones not possible to get rare or endangered woods like panga-panga and wenge.

Even in case you cannot find one which suits you, all you need to do is take a photo of the one you want, and the tile producer could make it for you. For instance, when you have vintage furniture to your bedroom that you need to suit and no one has some thing adore it, simply take a picture and display it to the maker.

Thinking approximately Brazilian cherry wooden or distressed wooden floors? Faux wooden tiles can effortlessly fit them. Tiles that look like wooden are so sensible now that they’ve infinite alternatives, and you will without a doubt locate what you are seeking out.

Even even though you will not need wood this is warped or water stained, for some purpose a few people need tile that looks as if it’s miles warped or stained. Yes, for a touch bit extra cash, you may have your floors look antique, grimy, and ruined. Sort of just like the ripped denims look in floor layout.

Make Sure You Get the Best Quality Tiles That Look Like Wood

Tile must be graded for standards and best by using the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) and the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). They have a hard and fast of standards to follow that includes protection, set up, production, and layout. So, first, make sure that they’re licensed by means of the PTCA or TCNA.

The protection has to do with the PEI rating for durability as well as the water absorption charge. Both of these are described above in greater element. In addition, tile must be graded on its resistance, or the R score, that is how slippery it is.

R Rating



The most slip-resistant, any tile this is rated R13 or above is nice to use in any region. They may be used close to pools, spas, saunas, and on patios or decks. They are even right for walk-thru swimming pools and wet ramps.


Any unglazed tile and even a few glazed ones may have an R rating of 12. They are secure for showers, toilets, kitchens, hallways, and even for poolside flooring. R12 is even perfect in airports and shopping malls.


These tiles may be glazed or unglazed and used in each dry and moist regions. Living rooms, hallways, kitchens, toilets, and laundry rooms are satisfactory. R11 tiles are also fantastic for office floors and different groups.


Typically glazed however in a matte finish, R10 price tiles are quality for any place where there can be a spill or a few water such as with kitchens and bathrooms (with rest room mats). Hallways, residing rooms, and application rooms are also exceptional places for R10 tile.


The R9 tile has the least quantity of slip resistance that you could use properly in areas that could have moisture. They are not typically utilized in areas which are regularly moist like bathrooms or exterior, however are awesome for kitchens, living rooms, and hallways.

The Other R Rating

There is some other score system that you’ll more often listen about in the creation of the doorways, windows, roof, and partitions, that is the R-fee of cloth. This value is the thermal conductivity and insulation of the timber. Although it’s miles most customarily utilized in creation, it’s also an excellent rating machine for floor fabric.

The R-cost facilitates decide the amount of insulation that protects your floors has compared to other sorts of floors. In this example, ceramic and porcelain aren’t any match for wooden. However, with tile, you could have radiant heating or other heating boosters within the ground system to improve the R-value.

Radiant Heating in Floors

Radiant ground heating is a popular alternative that makes your tile greater snug to walk on and will prevent money on heating bills. Who desires to get out of the nice and cozy bed or tub to step on ice-cold tiles?

There are three types of radiant warmth, which consist of air, electric, or hydronic. Because it makes use of a radiant device that comes from underneath, you can warmth an entire room with much less electricity the use of water, power, or air.

Air heated radiant warmness is the least green, with air being pumped from pipes constructed into the floor. The air does not preserve heat as well as energy or water, so it only heats the floor, now not the residence.

Hydronic radiant heat circulates warm water via tubes in the concrete slab underneath the tile. The water is heated with a boiler, warm water heater, or herbal gasoline. The water retains the heat properly and could upward thrust to preserve the entire house warm.

Electric radiant warmness is the most green and least costly. It works by way of placing mats with electric mesh or cables under the subfloor or just beneath the tiles. The heat is contained and will assist enhance the temperature of the rooms as well as the flooring.

Shade Variation in Tiles That Look Like Wood

Another issue in tile pleasant is the colour variant. You can in no way get the exact coloration which you select over and over again. Luckily, with tiles that look like timber, this could be a blessing due to the fact real timber is by no means the same. But the tile sun shades you see in a picture won’t be what you are going to get in real existence. That is why they have got color variant categories.

Shade Variation Category


V0 – Very uniform appearance

In the V0 version, all the tile sun shades are clean and uniform. All the tiles could have very moderate coloration differences however are compliant with the uniformity requirements.

V1 – Uniform appearance

There are a few variations inside the tiles, however they’re minimum.

V 2 – Slight version appearance

There are clear variations in both pattern and texture inside similar shades.

V3 – Moderate variant appearance

The colours of man or woman tiles can be indicative of the colours selected but they’ll all vary significantly. The texture as nicely will be specific. It is pretty advocated that you view a number of those tiles earlier than choosing them.

V4 – Substantial variation appearance

There can be random shade variations as well as textures so one tile can be absolutely special than a number of the others. With this preference, you’ll have a relatively precise flooring.

Rectified or Non-Rectified Tiles That Look Like Wood

You are going to ought to select between rectified and non-rectified tiles at some point. The choice certainly comes down to the way you need it to appearance. Because you are attempting to get a more natural look, you could no longer need rectified tiles. They aren’t as uniform in size, so that they look extra real. However, they can also be uneven or warped.

Specially floor and machined to get as close to flawlessly instantly as you may get, rectified tiles provide you with a extra uniform appearance with a fine bevel around the edges. This can assist lessen the hazard that they’ll crack or chip. Also, the smooth and symmetrical match manner the grout lines may be an awful lot smaller, all the way down to about three millimeters or less.

Rectified tiles are essentially just tiling that became evened up after being fired. Because almost all tiles pop out of the kiln a bit special than they went in, they will by no means be completely the equal until they’re rectified. Each tile is flawlessly equal in width and length, in order that they in shape seamlessly together.

The principal drawback of rectified tiles is their price. Because of the extra time and paintings it takes to rectify them, they are extra pricey. But no longer unreasonably so. If you want nearly invisible grout traces and a easy finish, rectified tiles are the best preference for you.

Pricing Between The Two Choices

When buying tile that seems like timber, you can assume the prices to vary quite a piece. After all, there are numerous sorts and styles to pick out from so the pricing goes to be special as properly. There are special fees for excellent too, similar to with some thing else.

Customized High-Quality Tile

Customized exceptional porcelain tile can cost up to $20 according to rectangular foot or more. In other words, in case you need a particular wooden grain and species that they have to make from a photograph, that would be custom designed tile.

Highest Quality

The highest satisfactory porcelain tile typically will value you about $6 to $12 consistent with square foot. This is the quality you could get with blessings like:

Extra sturdiness

It could be glazed and polished

There can be a near perfect appearance

They will be rectified for length and uniformity

Better Quality Tile

Better satisfactory tile is typically ceramic and expenses among $three and $10 according to square foot. These styles are generally no longer almost as real searching as the highest exceptional tile but the durability and uniformity are excellent.

Bargain Brand Tile

If you simply want to spend the minimal and get the fine you can get at the bottom prices, your tile will nonetheless appearance high-quality. It simply will no longer appearance as sensible because the greater highly-priced kinds. However, you may be saving a ton of cash due to the fact you can get bargain tile at $1 per rectangular foot or much less.

Closeouts and Markdowns

Some corporations will come up with unique deals on markdowns and closeouts, which can be exquisite if you could get sufficient of the right color and uniformity. Most of the time, those are leftovers from a previous shipment that they did not want and are marking it all the way down to dispose of it. The satisfactory may be proper, however the availability may be lacking.

Different Brands of Tile: Types & Cost Per Square Foot


With over two dozen sizes and four dozen colorations, Merola timber-appearance tile is extremely durable, high-quality, and might closing 50 years or extra. The fees are extra than a few of the others at $four to $15 in step with rectangular foot and their guarantee is only for one year, but they are worth it.

With the variety you have to select from, the possibilities are countless. From hexagonal to planks, rectangles, and squares, Merola has a plethora of tile shapes to pick out from. Some of the exceptional-promoting styles are:


Alpino Haya








Kings Bretagne

Kyoto Nogal

Madera Gris


Scala Cordoba

Taco Melange



You have possibly heard of the Mohawk Company and Daltite is a subsidiary of theirs. They have been round when you consider that 1947 and are the biggest ceramic tile dealer inside the United States. This corporation additionally gives just a one-year warranty, but their expenses are lower than some of the others at $2 to $four in line with square foot.

Daltile has more than seventy five types of shading, coloring, textures, and shapes in 18 specific collections. The most famous is the Yorkwood Manor with Barnwood tiles which are tremendous. Here are a few different favorites:




Glenwood Fog

Kenwood Smoke

Meadow Wood

Regent Grove

Rustic Bridge


Trace Meadows

Yacht Club


It commenced in Mexico in 1967 and now has six centers which includes the massive one in Texas. They are environmentally pleasant and are participants of the Tile Council of North America. Their costs are a chunk steep at $five to $11 according to square foot but they have got a higher assurance than most of the others.

Vitromex has 3 dozen collections in 19 different sun shades and lots of patterns to select from. Not as many as the other producers, however nonetheless pretty a group. Some of those encompass:


Bossa Nova



MS International

As one of the main tile makers and vendors in stone and tile, you could get pretty much any form of flooring from MS International. They additionally sell sinks, slabs, and hardscaping. Their colours, patterns, and textures are lovely, and they’re very less expensive at $1 to $four in line with square foot.

They offer a one-year restricted assurance, however many say they’ll remaining a life-time. MS International boasts over a dozen collections in over 50 varieties. Some in their extra famous collections include:









This enterprise has been production tile inside the United States for over 30 years and that they now have plant life in four international locations. The value is low at $2 to $5 in keeping with square foot and they are backed via the National Association of Homebuilders as being super tiles that can last up to one hundred years.

They are famous for his or her huge line of designs and product styles in addition to being green. With a massive choice, this company wishes you to get exactly what you need so that they even provide 3-d printing to make your own layout. Some of their collections consist of:

American Estates Natural

Developed through Nature


Harmony Pitch

Modern Renewal




Vintage Chic


This employer is genuinely part of the Marazzi Group, noted above. They are famous for his or her high-decision timber grain tile appearance with their 3-D printers and HD ink. Their price is a bit greater than maximum at $5 to $7 in line with square foot, but they custom make lots of their patterns.

They have five one-of-a-kind collections that feature two dozen patterns and sun shades. The sizes vary as nicely so that you can get the precise look that you are searching out. Some of these collections are:



Mount Royale

Cambridge Oak

Urban Posh



This is one of the more excessive-stop timber grain tiles. They began in Spain and now have greater than 400 shops everywhere in the global. They do matters in another way than the others. Rather than having dozens of collections, they concentrate on just . But they placed so much idea and care into thesethat they’ve over seventy five varieties.

The Seedwood Collection has the most varieties, however the PAR-KER collection is eco-friendly. These also are to be had in non-slip versions for out of doors use. Some of the extraordinary shades and styles consist of:









Ivy Hill

This ultra-modern tile manufacturer and retailer uses the best substances from all around the global. Their charges are a piece steep at $6 to $30 in step with square foot. They also have the maximum colourful hues in their wooden-appearance collections.

Timber multicolor has turquoise, orange, yellow, and many different bright hues jumbled together. Some of the alternative styles and colors are:

Baiji Gray

Brushed Wooden Beige

Cypress Multicolor


Helena Cherry

Lucky three-D Clay

Ryan Blue

Strait Wood



As one of the newest tile manufacturers, LifeProof has the trendiest as well as the maximum classic patterns. From ash to walnut, you may locate all varieties of colorations, textures, shapes, and sizes. It is price range-friendly as nicely at best about $2 to $3 consistent with rectangular foot. Here are a number of the styles they offer:

Autumn Wood

Coffee Wood

Linen Wood

Pewter Wood

Shadow Wood

Sierra Wood

Toffee Wood


As one of the principal names in floors, Mohawk is known for its laminate flooring, however they also have an amazing type of wood-look tiles. The cost is tremendously low at $2 to $4 in keeping with rectangular foot.

Mohawk has quite a set. In truth, they have got over 2 hundred styles, and with all in their shapes, textures, and sunglasses, there are over one thousand versions. Some of the popular strains consist of:

Boardwalk Collective






Rare Vintage

Reclaimed Chic


Western Ridge



Another large player inside the flooring marketplace, Armstrong is well-known for its vinyl plank floors that appears extra like wooden than even wood does. At least that is what many of the users claim. Their charges are not terrible at $three to $6 in step with rectangular foot.

As some distance as their choice is going, Armstrong is a big enterprise, however they cognizance greater on vinyl planks than tile that looks like timber. However, you can find a pleasing selection at maximum shops including those patterns:

Criswood Russet Oak

Heirloom Brown

Parkson Light Oak

Prairie Sunset

Rustic Wood

Verdin Pine

Don’t want to do it your self?

Get unfastened, zero-dedication rates from pro contractors near you.


Traffic Master

With the newest technology and tons of enjoy, Rosa Bianca is one of the first-rate floor overlaying organizations in the United States. They additionally have a number of the excellent costs with lots of them under $1 according to square foot.

They boast masses of colors, sunglasses, patterns, and textures. You can pick from many shapes and sizes as well. There is actually no in shape for their variety at this kind of low cost. Some of the popular styles encompass:

Alaskan Driftwood

Capel Timber

Duttonwood Ash


Parma Beige

Portland Beige



Located within the United States, Florim is one of the biggest tile producers in the country. They are acknowledged for being the “greenest” tile producers with the maximum environmentally friendly types because they’re made with 40% recyclable materials.

Their timber grain tiles range from $1 consistent with square foot to $15 per square foot. They are available in eleven exceptional collections totaling greater than 35 shades normal. Their sturdiness is 2d to none and might ultimate an entire life. Some in their maximum popular types encompass the:












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